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  About Us  

TKL Synergy is your reliable business partner to bridging global resources and offering effective solutions to new business development, new market development and providing management consultancy services.

A team of experienced and dedicated personnel, with a well-connected and established world-wide network, is available for our business partners to tap into, taking them into new challenging market environments.


TKL’s Values - Trust, Knowledge and Loyalty

For business relationship building, Trust is the foundation and we value this to work with all partners and customers to develop a long term relationship so as to grow and foster our business relationship.

The essence of Knowledge will put TKL in good stead to share and to learn, as well as to enhance our experience for our business development. At TKL, we strived to build our business, not only based on the knowledge that we have, but as well as learning from others, and also by sharing our experiences with our business partners.

Loyalty is the pre-requisite of lasting relationship for business partners as well as employer and employees. We strive to develop loyal employees, partners to grow with us together.